This is a list of talks I’ve given so far.

If you would like me to speak at your event/meetup/conference, feel free to contact me.


I’ve been to the land of serverless and I’ve come back to tell you all about it [slides] [video]
Dublin Microservices Meetup
Dublin (Ireland)
29th November 2018  


Serverless: what it is, when to use it
Waterford Tech Meetup
Waterford (Ireland)
29th November 2017  

Microservices won’t improve your code quality [slides]
Agile Eastern Europe Conference
Kiev (Ukraine)
7th-8th April 2017

OOP is not dead [slides]
PHP London
London (UK)
2nd March 2017


Mistakes made and Lessons learned with PHP (Panel) - PHP Dublin, Dublin (Ireland); 4th October 2016

Healthy OOP in Javascript - BelfastJS, Belfast (UK); 31st August 2016 [slides]

Microservices won’t improve your code quality - PHP Dublin, Dublin (Ireland); 11th August 2016 [slides]

When to use microservices - Video interview, Dublin (Ireland); 11th August 2016 [video]

Technical Debt is not a unicorn -, Cork (Ireland); 19th July 2016 [slides] [video]