29 Aug '14 Moving to Germany!

And so here we are. After less than a year of marriage, my wife and I are relocating to a new Country.

We have been living in Milan, Italy since we got married, and, I will admit, we have loved the city. Milan is, as I often say, the Italian idea of what a metropolis would be. While it has all the characteristics of a modern European city, it is also very, very Italian. It is a city definitely worth visiting and a lovely place to work and live in.


Starting from September the 1st I am going to be working in Berlin, Germany for a very big international IT company that has its headquarters in the German capital.

We are absolutely thrilled by this new opportunity and we had actually been looking at going to live in a bigger European city for a while, so this job opportunity does indeed come as a sort of ‘answer’.

I will be working with lots of extremely skilled professionals, which makes the whole thing very exciting.

Also, Berlin does look like an impressively dynamic city, with many creative people and a start up culture that is probably second to none in Europe. And somehow I find the German culture quite fascinating, so I am happy that I’ll be able to learn more about it.

So, Germany, here we come!

P.S.: if you happen to come to Berlin in the next months and you have anything interesting to share, feel free to drop me a line and I will be happy to have a coffee with you.