29 Apr '15 Hailo and their “Journey into Microservices”

A while ago, while looking for experiences of companies actually transitioning into a Microservice architecture, I stumbled upon this nicely written, real-world series of articles from Matt Heath, published on the Hailo tech blog. The articles talk about their moving from a mostly-PHP, monolithic architecture, towards one based on Microservices.

It is very interesting to read about the challenges of a company that started that everyone else, and then had to face the inevitable problems of scalability and code maintainability. It is also stimulating to see how they answered the questions almost everyone asks when trying to move into a Microservices architecture.

If you are interested, read the articles, starting from the first one: A Journey into Microservices, and then go ahead with part two and part three.

Question: have you worked on a transition to a microservice architecture? What has your experience been? Share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter.

Featured photo from the Hailo website