About Me

About Me

Hello! 👋

I’ve been working in tech for almost 15 years, taking on various roles such as Software Engineer, Tech Lead, Cloud Architect, CTO, and Cloud Consultant.

I’ve designed cloud solutions, led teams, and developed a lot of software.

I’ve gained valuable experience at companies like Rocket Internet, ServisBOT, and Trilo. I enjoy the structure of big companies but am truly passionate about the energy and creativity found in startups.

I specialise in serverless architectures within the AWS cloud, a field where I’ve dedicated over 7 years of my career. This specialisation is not just my work; it’s my craft.

Away from the keyboard, I march to the beat of a different drum—quite literally. As a former drummer in a prog-rock band, I understand rhythm, whether in music or code. I start my day by making a cup of specialty coffee using my V60, which is a thoughtful process for me.

I’m an insatiable reader with a penchant for the profound and the thrilling, delving into the realms of philosophy, history, religion, and the occasional spy novel.

I believe that life is a continuous learning process, and I bring this ethos into every project I undertake. Let’s connect and create something remarkable together.

If you want to meet up and have a chat, discuss a project or ask me for help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Contact (info@marcotroisi.com)