9 Sep '16 When to use microservices (video)

When to use microservices (video)

A few weeks ago, after giving a talk at PHP Dublin, I was interviewed by the fine folks from the UXDX conference.

The topic of the interview was “When to use microservices”. It was partly inspired by the talk I gave that very night. In the interview, I do my best to define what microservices are and when should companies adopt them. I then proceed to give insights as to how to succeed from both a code quality and a project management point of view.

UXDX is a conference that will run in Dublin, Ireland, on November the 2nd, 2016. The event’s goal is to focus on improving the team behind the product. There will be a set of great speakers from some of the best companies in Ireland and not only. If you can go, you shouldn’t miss it. You can get your tickets here.

This is the video of the inteview. It’s less than 7 minutes long, but I think it contains some interesting points which you might want to look into.

Direct link: https://youtu.be/MxdynUAGQGc

Have questions or comments regarding what I just said in this video? Feel free to message me!