This is a list of talks I’ve given so far. For more info, you can also look at my Lanyrd profile page.

If you would like me to speak at your event/meetup/conference, feel free to contact me.


I’ve been to the land of serverless and I’ve come back to tell you all about it
Dublin Microservices Meetup
Dublin (Ireland)
29th November 2018  


Serverless: what it is, when to use it
Waterford Tech Meetup
Waterford (Ireland)
29th November 2017  

Microservices won’t improve your code quality [slides]
Agile Eastern Europe Conference
Kiev (Ukraine)
7th-8th April 2017

OOP is not dead [slides]
PHP London
London (UK)
2nd March 2017


Mistakes made and Lessons learned with PHP (Panel) - PHP Dublin, Dublin (Ireland); 4th October 2016

Healthy OOP in Javascript - BelfastJS, Belfast (UK); 31st August 2016 [slides]

Microservices won’t improve your code quality - PHP Dublin, Dublin (Ireland); 11th August 2016 [slides]

When to use microservices - Video interview, Dublin (Ireland); 11th August 2016 [video]

Technical Debt is not a unicorn -, Cork (Ireland); 19th July 2016 [slides] [video]